Tellioğlu is a new generation importation and exportation platform which submits an effective and safe business model for e-trade age. Tellioğlu, with its running quality and product diversity, is a profitable platform for both importers and exporters. It was designed and created by a team led by Ali Telli who has a long-termed experience in global trade field. Tellioğlu team, which deepens the experience in importation and exportation in the period of e-trade and renovates according to opportunities of the period, made real this huge experience as a new and powerful trade platform.

Turkey = Occasion

Tellioğlu is a trademark of Turkey. Turkey! This noun is a trademark known to exporters who look for new and quality products all around the world. Turkey is a big country which has an industry history in lots of sectors for many years. It is an agricultural country at the same time. Since we are a big country, in Turkey, it is possible to find products on a large scale in so many sectors.

  • Tellioğlu realizes itself the exportation of requested product of producer. This situation means a great ease for producers from every scales.
  • Producers have a chance to market and advertise their products globally from a platform which is available for whole world and has safe e-trade base.

Tellioğlu = Benefit for Turkish Producers

In Tellioğlu model, innumerable Turkish producer’s products from a lot of sectors spread to the world market. Producer can be small or large scaled but it doesn’t have any exportation experience before. May be its team and expertise are not enough.

Tellioğlu = Benefit for Worldwide Importers

Turkey, with 80 million population and trade tradition from agriculture to industry for many years, is one of the biggest producers of the world! The general features of Turkish products are their high quality and competence and being affordable for buyers despite its quality. Innumerable Turkish firms from a lot of sectors export successfully all around the world.

Importers from all around the wold will find an opportunity to reach Turkish firms and products in a large scale on Tellioğlıı website. Through Tellioğlu, they will reach the products of those firms who don’t have an exportation base but have achieved a success with their products in Turkey.

In brief, if we talk about opportunities and benefits; the Country is Turkey, E-trade portal is Tellioğlu.

In brief, if we talk about opportunities and benefits; the Objective is World, E-trade portal is Tellioğlu.

Our product scale covers virtually all sectors.