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A brand new platform!

for B2B Buying from Turkey


    Turkey = Occasion

    Tellioğlu is a trademark of Turkey. Turkey! This noun is a trademark known to exporters who look for new and quality products all around the world.

    Benefit for Turkish Producers

    In Tellioğlu model, innumerable Turkish producer’s products from a lot of sectors spread to the world market.

    Benefit for Worldwide Importers

    Turkey, with 80 million population and trade tradition from agriculture to industry for many years, is one of the biggest producers of the world!

About Tellioğlu

Tellioğlu is a new generation importation and exportation platform which submits an effective and safe business model for e-trade age. Tellioğlu, with its running quality and product diversity, is a profitable platform for both importers and exporters.
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Why Tellioğlu.com?

Tellioğlu e-ticaret is a platform where you can reach quality and profitable products in different sectors of Turkey.

Quality Policy

At first, the quality of firms and products is analysed by Tellioğlu team. So, it is aimed that Turkish goods, which are quality and have rich diversity, will be advertised and used in international area.

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