Tellioğlu e-ticaret is a platform where you can reach quality and profitable products in different sectors of Turkey. It’s possible to reach every kind of producer and brand on Tellioğ You can also reach producers who don’t have any experience and team related to exportation. The operations of those producers come true with the experience and base of Tellioğlu.

Tellioğlu is a trademark of Turkey. Turkey which is one of the biggest countries in the world, has also long-termed production tradition from industry to agriculture. Turkish goods, which have a huge domestic market and exportation experience, have large product diversity.

In brief, if we talk about opportunities and benefits; the country is Turkey, E-trade portal is Tellioğlu.


  • Turkish producers find a chance to advertise their products without any obstacles thanks to Tellioğ, which submits effective and safe business model for e-trade age.
  • Even if you don’t have any exportation experience or team, it is possible to reach world markets on Tellioğ
  • Tellioğlu realizes itself the exportation of requested product of producer. This situation means a great ease for producers from every scales.
  • You will find a chance to market and advertise your products globally on Tellioğlu platform which is available for whole world and has safe e-trade base.

In brief, if we talk about opportunities and benefits; the Objective is World, E-trade portal is Tellioğlu!